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Museum Hack’s 2020 Guide to Los Angeles

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Hey guys! Have you ever heard of Museum Hack? They’re breathing life into museum tours around the world, and they’ve just released a free guide to Los Angeles for 2020. You may have heard of them on FOX news, The New York Times, PBS, Forbes Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, etc. They also recently released a 2020 guide to Los Angeles with quite a bit of information available.

In their own words, “Museum Hack leads renegade, small group tours for people who think they don’t like museums. Rain check your true crime binge and call up your BFF, because we are going to show you why museums are the greatest f***ing institutions on Earth.”

It sounds like a pretty gosh darn cool idea to us, check out their website below for more.

Oh! And we almost forgot! You’ll never guess which boutique tour company is listed as one of the very best tours to do when in Los Angeles on that list of theirs. Here’s a hint: they really enjoy placing little cartoons throughout their website for seemingly no reason at all.

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Academy Museum of Motion Pictures **GRAND OPENING**
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