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What is the Adamson House?

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Below is a transcript of the video content above, so feel free to watch the video instead!

If you’ve ever driven the Pacific Coast Highway through Malibu, you might’ve noticed the Adamson House sign. The Adamson House is a California Historic Landmark and is on the national register of historic places, but there’s a good chance you’ve driven right by it without giving it a second thought.

So, what is the Adamson House? Designed by architect Stiles O. Clements and completed in 1930, The Adamson house is a wonderful example of mediterranean revival-style architecture. The two-story, ten-room home is located on Malibu lagoon state beach, just steps away from the world-famous Surfrider Beach and Malibu Pier. The Adamson house is a huge part of Malibu history.

Built for wealthy dairy farmer Merritt Adamson, and his wife Rhoda Rindge Adamson. The Adamson house showacses exquisite displays of tile that was originally produced by the Malibu Potteries company in the late 1920s. The Malibu Potteries Company unfortunately was only open from 1926 until late 1931 when a fire damaged the building beyond repair. They officially closed their doors in 1932.

Fortunately for the Adamson house, based on the beautiful tilework done throughout the home it was able to be added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1977. Today if you visit the Adamson House you can walk the grounds, visit the Malibu Lagoon Museum located inside the garage of the home, and for a small donation you can even take a docent-led tour of the inside of the home.


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