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COVID-Safe Vehicle Rentals for Film Production: Surf City Tours in the Movies At Last!




For nearly 10 years now, Surf City Tours has taken LA natives and travelers from all over the world to the homes of the stars and the real-life locations where their favorite movies were filmed.

This year, we here at Surf City Tours are proud to announce that we have taken it one large step further by getting involved in the production of the movies themselves! That’s right, those funky Surf City Tours buses that you know and love have made their way into the limelight and might become a staple for years to come post-COVID. Our open-air vehicles just happen to be the absolute best way to transport film crews and production equipment during a global pandemic, and production insiders across Hollywood seem to be digging the open-air breeze as well.

“This might be a permanent switch,” gawks Hollywood hot-shot producer. We have a bunch of these unique vehicles because they are the perfect way to tour Los Angeles, but this whole moonlighting gig in Hollywood opens up an entirely unexplored sector for us. It’s super exciting to find ourselves at the forefront of safe methods of transportation in the film industry all of a sudden, and we’ll hopefully have some neat photos of our vehicles LIVE from the set pretty soon, so we’ll be sure to come back and update this post when it happens!

Time is money in Hollywood, so we’ve had to clean up after more than a few young Hollywood hopefuls who scarfed down their vegan lunches on our buses in between sets and couldn’t be bothered to take their trash with them along with all of the boom mics and other equipment they had to haul. We’re not going to lie, those production crews are rowdy. One of our tip signs might’ve even gotten tossed overboard, but it’s a small price to pay to finally be in on the action. We’ve really come to appreciate how thoughtful and kind our tour travelers are, but that’s showbiz, baby!

If the thought of a production crew having their lunch in the same vehicle that you’re considering for your rental, shuttle service, or sightseeing tour makes you scream “Sanitize it!!”, don’t you worry. Our vehicles receive a deep COVID cleaning after every single time they are used. That means all touch points are wiped and the entire vehicle is sprayed down with a sanitizing “fog” gun. It looks a little bit like a Metallica concert, but it’s a really important process and that’s the only reason we’re able to offer a safe transportation method for these film crews because, well, the show must go on!

If you are looking for a safe way to transport people for a film production or similar application, give us a call to learn more about our open-air, COVID-safer vehicles and pricing options available.

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