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Five Movies Filmed in Los Angeles

Hey everyone! So Victor and I have been hard at work in the Surf City studio coming up with this video, doing our very best to make good use of our quarantine time. I really hope you’ll watch the video, and if ya enjoy it please Like and subscribe. The quality of the content is only going to get better and we’re really excited to share all this content with you while we can’t take you for a tour of our city in person just yet.

This video covers five movies filmed in Los Angeles, more specifically it covers movies that openly promoted the fact that it was in Los Angeles and used the city itself as their set or backdrop. I focus on my own personal favorites and tell you a little bit about the plot of the movie before covering the filming locations therein. Hope you enjoy!


Movies on the List:
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) – The Quentin Tarantino masterpiece
Training Day (2001) – Denzel does them all dirty, or does he?
Swingers (1996) – It’s money, baby.
L.A. Confidential (1997) – Noir, noire, and noieayere.
Collateral (2004) – assasin kidnaps man, man fears for life, man becomes a commercial vehicle entrepreneur – basically the story of Surf City Tours!